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Gregory has found a new hope for life thanks to the Bowery Mission.

Gregory has always been working against the odds. As a sickly newborn, he "was expected to die." He survived...only to be sexually molested for years by one of his caregivers. Gregory's childhood was full of pain and secrets.

Thankfully, Gregory's luck seemed to change when he met and married his soul mate. He felt loved and encouraged by his wife in a way he never knew before. When his wife passed away just after their fourth anniversary, Gregory was devastated.

Her death caused Gregory to spiral out of control. Previous habits of marijuana and alcohol that were once manageable turned toxic. Overwhelmed with grief, Gregory shares, "I felt defeated. I gave up on love and life. I drowned myself in alcohol and drugs."

In search for shelter, he found the phone number for The Bowery Mission. He called and was told to come in.

Gregory was just looking for a place to stay that night, but God had bigger plans. When he arrived and spoke to the pastor on staff, Gregory shares, "something jumped inside of me." With tears in his eyes, Gregory explained his story, "The pastor told me I'd be OK." And for the first time, Gregory actually believed that it might be true.

At the Mission, Gregory has found a new determination and hope for life. He wants to change and says he's, "ready to live God's way now." He has enrolled in career training classes and is looking forward to working hard so he can live in his own apartment.

"The Bowery Mission gave me a new life...taking away a lot of hurt and teaching me how to be the man that God created me to be."

Your planned gift helps ensure that we can continue to be there when people, like Gregory, need us most. Contact Kim Collins at 646-362-3116 or to learn more.

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