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Out of work and uncertain about how to get back on his feet, Jerome was grateful to find the help he needed inside the Mission's red doors.

For someone living paycheck to paycheck, a sudden loss of job can be absolutely devastating.

When Jerome unexpectedly lost his retail job last summer, he found himself scrambling. His worst fears came true when he was unable to secure another job. With nowhere else to turn, Jerome became homeless.

Thankfully, after a week in a city shelter, Jerome was referred to The Bowery Mission. The first thing that he noticed when he walked through our red doors was the warm meal waiting for him. "This isn't normal shelter food—this is awesome!" he remembers thinking.

Once his immediate needs were met, Jerome was paired with caring career counselors. Together they addressed specific problems of his past and formed a plan to get him back on his feet.

Jerome put together a resume, practiced interview skills, and ultimately was able to secure a steady job in delivery. And this time, Jerome is also learning "how to budget and save my money," important life skills that "no one really taught me before," he shares.

At The Bowery Mission, Jerome is building self-confidence and a set of practical tools that will enable him to stay on his feet no matter what comes his way.

He's also excited to be starting a relationship with God. As he reflects on his own journey and meets other men at The Bowery Mission experiencing similar life changes, he is more convinced than ever that "God puts His hands in people's lives."

Today, Jerome is working on securing his own housing and has dreams of going back to school to finish his college degree. Like so many clients at The Bowery Mission, Jerome finally feels hopeful and confident for a brighter future. "Thanks to The Bowery Mission, I'm finally on my way to being independent."

Unemployment can happen to anyone—even to those who least expect it. Your generosity helps New Yorker's neighbors, like Jerome, get the practical help they need to get back on their feet. Please contact Kim Collins at or 646-362-3116 to learn how you can plan a gift that will help people like Jerome for many years to come.

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