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The Bowery Mission provided a sense of comfort and home for Robert during a difficult time in his life.

Robert lost his parents as a teenager and with them any clear direction in life. Shortly after, he was introduced to drinking and drugs, and he started on a downward spiral that led him to lose everything.

Week after week, he came through The Bowery Mission Red Doors for nourishment after wasting his wages away on partying and alcohol.

For more than two years, Robert lived this way: homeless and out of control, but not ready to seek help. Yet amid the chaos he would find a sense of comfort and home every time he'd share a warm meal at The Bowery Mission. He reflects, "The food made me feel complete, full and rested."

Eventually, Robert's lifestyle caught up with him, and his supervisor gave him the ultimatum to get better or don't come back. Having spent many meals at The Bowery Mission, Robert knew exactly where he could go for help.

With the support of his counselors, Robert no longer hides his inner chaos behind a bottle and a smile. Sober and off the streets, he is grateful for each meal. He knows that without The Bowery Mission he would probably be somewhere drunk, or worse, dead.

Many New Yorkers, like Robert, come to The Bowery Mission for a meal and end up finding so much more. Discover how your gift can be the one that starts someone's life transformation story. Contact Kim Collins at 646-362-3116 or to learn more.

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